Vietnamese-style chicken noodle soup

Vietnamese-style chicken noodle soup! Featuring Bannockburn free-range chicken drumsticks and our house-made chicken stock, both of which are available in store. How are you keeping warm tonight, Sydney folk? #winterwarmer #chickensoup #comfortfood #freerangechicken #bannockburn

Dinner is served

Dinner is served! A classic northern Italian version of osso buco, with white wine, chicken stock and butter, but no tomatoes. Something to warm us up on a cold winter’s night in Sydney brrr! We have beef osso buco in store. Come in and see us tomorrow🍴#winterwarmer #comfortfood #ossobuco #beef #recipe

The best butcher in town?

The best butcher in town?! Why, thank you! Love it when our customers give us this kind of feedback! #Repost via the talented @tibbiechiu: “Coldest day of the year calls for dinner inspiration from the best butcher in town. Had some idea going in but upon arrival the gleaming beef cheeks at the @dulwichhillgourmetmeats counter inspired this ragu with pappardelle topped with gremolata for tangy freshness. #mealforameal #winterwarmer #beefcheeks #beefcheeksragu #ragu #dinner #gremolata #pasta #homecooking #granapadano #pressurecooking #sydneybutcher #dulwichhill #innerwest #pastacoma”

Smoked ham hock and roasted pumpkin soup

Smoked ham hock and roasted pumpkin soup! Made with our free range ham hocks, smoked in-house. Check out the recipe in the comments below! #recipe #smokedhamhocks #pumpkinsoup #smokin #soup #winterwarmer #comfortfood

We love our lamb shanks here at Dully

We love our lamb shanks here at Dully! They’re another one of those tougher cuts of lamb which take on a soft, melting texture when cooked low and slow. There are so many ways to cook lamb shanks … we reckon they’re great for a sheepy twist on the popular Thai beef massaman curry. Pop in to the store at Marrickville Rd to get your fill of premium grassfed Aussie lamb. And let us know if you’d like a recipe for the Massaman! #lambshanks #grassfedlamb #massaman #thaistyle #slowcooked #lowandslow #winterwarmer #comfortfood

Guess what we have in stock? RABBIT

Guess what we have in stock? RABBIT! Today our lovely friends from Burrawong Gaian sent us a limited number of fresh rabbits and rabbit liver, so pop in if you’d like to celebrate the weekend with a hearty rabbit stew. You could go Greek-style like this “kouneli” dish pictured, which combines rabbit with garlic, onion, white wine, fresh herbs, lemon and olive oil. Delicious! See the recipe in the comments below 🍽 #greekstyle #rabbitstew #kouneli #slowcooked #winterwarmer #burrawonggaian #comfortfood #recipe

We’re well into winter here in Sydney, which calls …

We’re well into winter here in Sydney, which calls for those richer cuts like beef cheek. If you cook these for long enough, all that connective tissue transforms into tender, flavourful, meaty goodness. Simply brown your meat and set aside. In the same pot, sauté some carrots, onion and celery in butter, and when browned, add chopped garlic and herbs like bay leaf and rosemary and maybe a cinnamon stick. Turn up the heat, add a cup of red wine and reduce, then a cup of chicken broth. Bring to the boil and quickly reduce heat, then cover and simmer for 4-5 hours. When the cheeks are super tender, remove beef, then reduce the liquid to create a thick sauce. Season your beef cheeks and serve them with cauliflower purée with lots of butter, and steamed broccolini. Warming winter comfort food! #beefcheek #winterwarmer #lowandslow #slowcooked #redwine #winter #comfortfood #recipe

Feel like cooking up something warm to fire up …

Feel like cooking up something warm to fire up your belly on these cold Sydney nights? Our customer Stefania has been kind enough to share her partner’s recipe for North African lamb cous cous, made with lamb shoulder purchased from our store @dulwichhillgourmetmeats. Check the comments below for the recipe, and pop in to see us to source grassfed lamb from some of the east coast’s best producers. Oh and by the way, if you’re watching the footy tonight, go the Blues! #slowcooked #northafrican #lamb #couscous #winterwarmer #dinner