🍳 If you want to buy true free range eggs and …

🍳 If you want to buy true free range eggs and get confused when you’re in the egg section at the supermarket, pop in to @dulwichhillgourmetmeats and pick up some Idlewilde Farm eggs. Idlewilde hens are free to roam from dawn to dusk on clean, green pastures, drinking spring water and breathing fresh mountain air 650m above sea level on the Bulga Plateau. And the taste? Well let’s just say you can really tell the difference! #idlewildefarm #freerangeeggs #ethicalfarming #breakfast

Good morning Facebook

Good morning Facebook! How do you like your eggs? We stock only true free range eggs, from ethical producers like Idlewilde Farm, who have a maximum of 2000 hens roaming 100 acres of clean, green pasture on NSW’s mid north coast. So the birds are happy, and your eggs taste better, whether you’re having them poached, fried or scrambled … or even with big Mexican style fry up like pictured here! Que rico! #huevosrancheros #mexicanstyle #breakfast #freerange #eggs #breakfast #idlewildefarm #elands #nsw #knowyourproducer