We’re well into winter here in Sydney, which calls …

We’re well into winter here in Sydney, which calls for those richer cuts like beef cheek. If you cook these for long enough, all that connective tissue transforms into tender, flavourful, meaty goodness. Simply brown your meat and set aside. In the same pot, sauté some carrots, onion and celery in butter, and when browned, add chopped garlic and herbs like bay leaf and rosemary and maybe a cinnamon stick. Turn up the heat, add a cup of red wine and reduce, then a cup of chicken broth. Bring to the boil and quickly reduce heat, then cover and simmer for 4-5 hours. When the cheeks are super tender, remove beef, then reduce the liquid to create a thick sauce. Season your beef cheeks and serve them with cauliflower purée with lots of butter, and steamed broccolini. Warming winter comfort food! #beefcheek #winterwarmer #lowandslow #slowcooked #redwine #winter #comfortfood #recipe

Lamb neck braised in red wine

Lamb neck braised in red wine. This is another one of those economical cuts that’s great for braises and stews. We trimmed the meat off three neck bones but added the bones to the pot for extra flavour and richness. You can buy necks off the bone as fillets, or on the bone whole or as chops. When cooked slowly the meat is especially rich, tender and flavourful. Let us know if you’d like a recipe! #grassfed #lamb #braised #slowcooked #redwine #winter #comfortfood #cheapcuts