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Ever made #cheese at home? This is an easy one to …

Ever made #cheese at home? This is an easy one to start on. Ricotta actually means ‘re-cooked’ in Italian, but this simple version is done by adding two cups of cultured buttermilk to eight cups of milk and a teaspoon of sea salt. Heat slowly until almost boiling, then turn off the heat and keep in a warm place for 30 mins. A curd will form and you can use a slotted spoon to transfer the curd into jars. And that’s it! Can keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks, but ours never lasts more than a couple of days. The better the milk, the better the ricotta. We used @country_valley full cream, which we stock at the shop. #dulwichillgourmetmeats #homemade #ricotta #countryvalley #marrickvilleroad

Beef ribeye

Beef ribeye. Arguably the tastiest quick-cooking cut on the cow. We pan fried this with a ‘healthy’ amount of butter and a sprinkling of salt. #ribeye #grassfed #organic #steak #delicious #dulwichillgourmetmeats #marrickvilleroad

Thanks to Phillip @le_masurier for this pic

Thanks to Phillip @le_masurier for this pic. Pork belly with pomegranate molasses. As Philip said, so simple yet so tasty. Might have to cook on up ourselves some time this week! #dulwichillgourmetmeats #porkbelly #marrickvilleroad #tallabungpork #pastureraised

There are some nights when only pasta will do

There are some nights when only pasta will do. The sauce: onion, fennel, purple carrot, garlic and a slice of our nitrate-free bacon to get things started. Chopped Dully gourmet pork sausages, bay leaf, thyme, a tin of tomatoes and a cup of Hunter Valley semillon. Simmered for an hour until reduced. The pasta was Girolomoni organic spelt. A splash of unfiltered olive oil and parmigiano reggiano to finish. #dulwichillgourmetmeats #organicspelt #pasta #olionuovo

If you’re a #meatlover and don’t know what this …

If you’re a #meatlover and don’t know what this is, you’re missing out on one of life’s great pleasures. It’s a traditional Cypriot sausage called a sheftalia, or as we like to call them, ‘shefties’. At BBQs with our extended family, if you want a shefty, you need to show up early. They’re always the first to go! We have plenty at the shop today though, so drop in and stock up! #sheftalia #dulwichhillgourmetmeats #awardwinning #sausages #cyprus #marrickvilleroad

This is mother hen, Yiota

This is mother hen, Yiota. Always has a smile on her face (except when she’s frowning). Her culinary creativity amazes us every single day. She’s just as comfortable serving up a fancy dinner party meal as she is filling the bellies of a big, hungry family. Pop in and see her smile in person at the shop tomorrow! #motherhen #dulwichillgourmetmeats #fromthevillage #arakapas #marrickvilleroad